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Our Inspiration

Inspired by her own struggle with alcoholism, Maureen Traynor became a leader in the field of helping people recover from addictions of all forms. Maureen founded Choices Counseling Center in 1985 and after working with thousands of alcoholics and addicts for 25 years, passed away in 2010.The Maureen Traynor Foundation carries on the legacy that she began by helping people seek counseling and treatment for addiction.

About Maureen

Maureen Traynor was widowed in 1976, leaving her to raise seven children as she struggled with her own alcoholism. That struggle and the lessons she learned during the recovery process inspired Maureen to go back to school and at age 52, receiving her Master's Degree in Education and Counseling from St. Lawrence University in Upstate New York. During that time, she was employed as Director of Volunteer Services at the nearby St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center. After attaining sobriety, Maureen felt a call to help others who shared similar struggles.

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About the Foundation

We are here to help people who want to achieve freedom from substance dependencies, behavior disorders, sobriety struggles, and more. Our goal is to do what is necessary to help people get the emotional and practical assistance they need. The Maureen Traynor Foundation exists to help those who need help but cannot afford the care that they need. When these people are seeking help for compulsions and cravings, we want to ensure that they have access to sober housing, phone and face to face support, sponsorship, and guidance in day to day living.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to engage in fund raising and the payment of grants and loans for professional, licensed rehabilitation services for individuals suffering from alcohol and substance abuse, who are without adequate financial resources. The Foundation secures said rehabilitation services for individuals suffering from alcohol or substance abuse that cannot afford the proper treatment. We are supportive of addicts and alcoholics which participate in licensed, rehabilitation programs offered at such places as the Choices Counseling Center, located in Winter Park, Florida, or such other rehabilitation programs which are duly licensed in the State of their operation.

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Maureen Taynor

Maureen's life work was dedicated to helping individuals struggling with addiction. Help us continue her legacy by donating to the Maureen Traynor Foundation today.

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