About Maureen

Maureen Traynor was widowed in 1976, leaving her to raise seven children as she struggled with her own alcoholism.  That struggle and the lessons she learned during the recovery process inspired Maureen to go back to school and at age 52, receiving her Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling from St. Lawrence University in Upstate New York.  During that time, she was employed as Director of Volunteer Services at the nearby St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center.  After attaining sobriety, Maureen felt a call to help others who shared similar struggles.

Defeating Addiction: Creating Choices
Her deep interest in helping alcoholics and their family members led her to relocate to Winter Park, Florida.  She devoted her considerable skills to those suffering from all forms of addiction. “It really was just a commitment to those first clients, who wanted help,” she said, and she just kept doing the next thing in front of her, which led to the formation of Choices Counseling Center, which was founded in 1985. 

Finding Self Through Community 
Maureen recognized that the underlying condition of addiction was created by unresolved inner pain and emptiness.  She felt an enormous compassion for the people who suffered from addiction without direction.  Her firm belief was that the work of this generation was to turn inward for self-worth, spiritual development, and a connection to and service for others, thereby restoring a sense of community.  As she had learned from 12 step programs, shallow, self-centered solutions would not last, or be truly satisfying to people. 

Counseling: A Family Affair
Her daughter Elizabeth came back to work with her in 1986, working towards and receiving her Master’s Degree in Counseling form the University of Central Florida.  They worked side by side for 25 years helping thousands of addicts with the same dedication and caring.  They incorporated this philosophy into all aspects of their work, teaching and inspiring generosity and commitment to others. Maureen died in 2010, but her devotion to helping others still inspires us.   

The Maureen Traynor Foundation is dedicated to continuing the dream that Maureen began by helping those addicts who are struggling to find recovery.



About the Foundation

What We Do
We are here to help people who want to achieve freedom from substance dependencies, behavior disorders, sobriety struggles, and more.  Our goal is to do what is necessary to help them get the emotional and practical assistance they need. The Maureen Traynor Foundation exists to help those who need help but cannot afford the care that they need.  When these people are seeking help for compulsions and cravings, we want to ensure that they have access to sober housing, phone and face to face support, sponsorship, and guidance in day to day living.

How You Can Help
Your donation can help provide hope and encouragement from successful role models of all ages, from whom the addict can draw inspiration and learn about how to create healthy relationships (to self and others) without reverting to addictive behavior. Donate to The Maureen Traynor Foundation today!

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